The pandemic has us all under an unexpected stress and anxiety.

Adults are feeling the loss and uncertainty, and so are children.

We give you the second part of a special mini-series we're calling "Coping with COVID-19-Anxiety and Fears."

Licensed clinical social worker and counselor Dr. Heather Evans, whose practice is in Coopersburg, says we need to be careful to coach our kids through this trying time.

"Children absolutely need space to express their fears and emotions. We need to validate those, and don't consider them disrespectful or say they are complaining. Say 'I know, this is difficult.'  They're grieving too. They're facing uncertainty as well," Dr. Evans said. 

Dr. Evans counsels parents to be sure to give kids facts about what's going on, create predictable schedules and structures if you can, and try to make what the kids will look back on as interesting, and even sweet, memories.