BERN TWP., Pa. - Even when safe in their homes, presumably away from the looming threat of COVID-19, senior citizens are still in a precarious position.

"It's almost depressing for people when they don't have anyone to talk to," said Kiran Yocom, co-founder of Seniors Helping Seniors.

Some are lonely and don't have anyone who can lend a hand around the house. Groups like Seniors Helping Seniors are making their mission to cut into that gloom. The Bern Township-based agency is now in 47 states, helping seniors take care of day-to-day tasks in their homes.

But these times are hardly what you'd call day-to-day. While many companies have had to jettison their normal policies and operations, officials with Seniors Helping Seniors said they are not going to turn their backs on those who need them.

"Anytime you get a phone call and people say, 'I need help. Will you come and meet us?' we go," said Yocom. "We don't tell them that we are not going to come because of COVID-19. We say, 'Of course. We will be there,' because we know these are the people who are craving for love."

The company is taking measures to slow the spread of COVID-19. It's asking employees and seniors to wash their hands and wear a mask or scarf during visits. Officials said the important thing is to show seniors that someone cares.

"They're craving for genuinely somebody to come and see your face and say, 'I am alive. There is somebody who loves me, who cares about me,'" said Yocom. "In the end, we are in this together. We are going to come out of this more loving, more kind, more understand that God is in control."

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