ALLENTOWN, Pa. -- #MaskUpPA is the latest push from the governor and state health officials urging everyone to wear a mask when out in public.

"My mask protects you, your mask protects me," said Dr. Rachel Levine, state health secretary.

Avoid N95s or surgical masks, as they're needed for healthcare workers on the front lines of the pandemic, officials said.

Governor Wolf says making one at home is easy.

"I have one here that Frances made for me. It's really nice. It's really easy and it does really protect other people if you have the disease. If you have to go out, have a mask," said Governor Wolf in a Facebook video with his wife, Frances.

To make one at home, take an old t-shirt that's 100% cotton. Cut it 9 inches from the seam, or nine inches apart. Fold the bottom half up, top half down. Take two hair-ties and place one one each end. Fold the excess pieces inward and place the hair-ties around your ears.

This method does not require any sewing but there are some kits available with step-by-step directions.

U.S. Surgeon General Jerome Adams shared a video promoting DIY masks with items from home.

"Like an old scarf, a bandanna or a hand towel or an old t-shirt," said Adams.

A mask is not to be used instead of social distancing but in addition to the measures already in place.

"We're going to depend upon Pennsylvanians to do the right thing for themselves, for their family, for the community and the commonwealth," Levine said.

Make your mask and share it on social media using the #MaskUpPA.