Northampton County rolling out new voting machines with touch screens, paper trail backup


HARRISBURG, Pa. (AP) - A federal judge has denied a request to decertify voting machines being used by Philadelphia, Northampton, and Cumberland counties in Pennsylvania before November’s presidential election.

In a Wednesday ruling, U.S. District Judge Paul Diamond in Philadelphia said the plaintiffs made allegations that are “baseless and irrational.” The plaintiffs included former Green Party presidential candidate Jill Stein and several supporters.

Stein’s group contended that certifying the ExpressVote XL violated a 2018 settlement agreement, in part because the machine doesn't meet the agreement’s requirement “that every Pennsylvania voter in 2020 uses a voter-verifiable paper ballot.”

Gov. Tom Wolf’s administration had defended its certification of the machines.

The machines encountered several problems when they were used for the first time during the November general election. The Express Vote XL machines malfunctioned in November, causing a paper ballot recount.

County Executive Lamont McClure has said he's been assured all of the problems have been worked out.

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