MAXATAWNY TWP., Pa. - Over the last couple weeks, Kutztown University converted more than 1,700 classes from face-to-face to online.

"I think courses where they need to have physical interaction with students are the hardest ones to transition," said Dale Parson, a computer science and information technology professor at KU.

Colleen Bungarz, an elementary education major, said before spring break, students were working on lesson plans and learning how to teach in the classroom.

"Now, I think we're all getting a whole new idea of what our kids' teacher's do every day," said Bungarz.

She has three children who she helps with schoolwork during the day, then focuses on hers at night.

"Just trying to keep up with what I was doing in class at night, and also doing that extra work on top of it is a little bit hard," said Bungarz.

She admitted it's been easier not having to physically attend classes and appreciates that professors are being understanding and flexible.

Parson said the university came up with an alternate optional grading system.

"At the end of the semester, the undergrads will get to decide if they want to keep their grades," said Parson. "If not, if they have a grade C or higher, they can switch it to a 'pass,' which won't affect their GPA."

He said his emails have doubled since the transition and that everyone is doing their best to adapt.

"A lot of them are learning how to do this for the first time, and we're helping them get up to speed," said Parson.

"I think, at first, it was really overwhelming, thinking how am I going to manage all of this online," said Bungarz, "but now that it's kind of set and it's rolling, I'm happy to still be able to do it."