EASTON, Pa. - Campus may be closed, but members of Lafayette College's Engineering division aren't taking a day off.

They are putting the college's fleet of 3D printers to good use by creating personal protective equipment for Lehigh Valley healthcare workers.

Engineering technician Adam Smith and a colleague brought the college's 10 printers to their homes where they are running them nearly around the clock. Other college employees are using their personal 3D printers to help.

To date, they've printed about 300 stethoscopes and about 100 face shields, both doctor-approved designs.

The products have been delivered to St. Luke's hospitals, Easton Hospital, and soon Lehigh Valley Health Network.

"We have a limited amount of production capability but I think any small dent definitely helps in this pandemic," Smith said.

Since Lafayette College moved to remote instruction, Smith, who's wife is a nurse, and others didn't want the printers sitting idle.

"I think anyone who is working in the medical field or has a family member in the medical field knows they are scared about the future and risk of contamination," Smith said.

Printing at a capacity of about 40 stethoscopes per day, Smith said his goal, while a lofty one, is to print 2,000 disposable stethoscopes.

The college was also recently commissioned to make face shields for Easton Police, fire, and EMS crews.

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