EASTON, Pa. - Students from Easton and Allentown's School of Rock won't be jamming in public anytime soon, but they are still practicing online.

"Since we're a really tight community we knew this was something the kids would look forward to every week," said School of Rock co-owner Ray Thierrin.

Thierrin said the school was only closed for four days after the state mandated all non-essential businesses to close due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Thierrin said during that time, the school was able to get virtual lessons up and running. 10 instructors are giving about 150 lessons per week.

Thierrin said transitioning to online wasn't without growing pains but students and teachers have adapted well.

"I've been doing school of rock for a really long time. It's part of my routine and being able to still have that part of my routine is very helpful and keeps me sane a little bit," said Julie Williams, a high school sophomore who takes bass, drum, and vocal lessons.

Teachers use the Zoom video conferencing platform to interact. They are able to share sheet music and offer correction and advice.

"It's really not too much different than in person. You can see each other, you can hear each other. You...can't move their hands for them or anything. You might have to adjust a little bit about how you're communicating with them," said teacher Travis Thierrin.

Thierrin, who is also a professional musician, said he's thankful for the steady work during a time when so many others are unemployed.