EASTON, Pa. - It's a big relief for renters. Governor Tom Wolf signed an executive order Thursday extending protections against eviction which was set to expire Monday.

"No one should worry about losing their home during this health emergency," Wolf said.

To ensure that doesn't happen Governor Wolf extended his moratorium on the eviction process until July 10.

This doesn't mean rent won't be due but it offers those feeling the financial pinch caused by the coronavirus, an extra 60 days of protection. The State's Supreme Court's ban on evictions runs out on May 11.

"It's a huge relief and a wonderful opportunity," said Alisa Baratta of Easton's Third Street Alliance.

Barrata, who was fearing a deluge of evictions, says Wolf's extension gives agencies like hers more time to finalize plans of working with landlords to keep renters in their homes.

"It gives those working on eviction protection programs time to plan for programs effectively and how we can raise that money," she said.

The state's economic and community development team is also working on funds for emergency housing and Wolf is urging landlords to work with renters and waive late fees.

However, all agree those who can pay now should and all rent will eventually be due