With a lot of non-essential businesses shutting down, one Lehigh Valley company is doing everything it can to protect employees and make supplies for hospitals across the nation.

With people staying home to practice social distancing during the coronavirus pandemic, some at B. Braun are working to make sure hospitals have the IV solutions needed at hospitals across the country.

"These are lifesaving products regardless of an increase on a particular disease. So they are required all the time," said Angela Karpf, corporate vice president of medical affairs for B. Braun USA.

However, making sterile and much-needed hospital supplies can be tough in an environment where everyone is protecting themselves. Because not only could it affect co-workers, it could taint the product.

That's why several safety measures are in place before a visitor or employee walks in the door.

"We're doing temperature screening before they enter the manufacturing facility. But at the same time we are maintaining all the CDC recommendations in order to reduce the chances of the transmission of the disease," Karpf said.

Workers at the medical supply giant also say they need to make sure there will be no shortage of supplies, because so many patients will need an IV solution or another device, whether they are fighting the coronavirus or not.

"Hospitals that are not in a particular need for a product, because there is no increase in healthcare demand, cannot place large orders, depleting the availability of product for other hospitals," Karpf said.

Workers will be waiting out the coronavirus like the rest of us, and they will try to make sure if you do need to go to the hospital, the supplies will be available.