Sometimes a story is best told with music.

When a baby's being born or a cancer patient celebrates their last round of chemo, songs are the anthems to life's biggest moments, and they're played every day across all Lehigh Valley Health Network Hospitals.

"You stop, you listen to it for a second and you just sort of smile," said LVHN COO Terry Capuano.

Now, there's a new anthem to add to the list. Patients battling and then beating COVID-19 hear the sound of success when they are ready to leave the hospital.

"And we play Beautiful Day by U2," Capuano said.

After 31 days here-14 on a ventilator-Friday was Katie Mello's beautiful day.

"Awesome. Just awesome," Katie's mom Henrietta Wyker said.

"We're really fortunate that she came through," said Katie's sister Judy Schneider.

That kind of good news is beginning to echo across the Lehigh Valley. It sounds pretty good over at St. Luke's, too, where they sent their 500th recovered patient out, with an all-too-familiar theme that fits perfectly-the Rocky theme song.

The hospitals are beginning to see more people fight and beat the virus. Patients are starting to feel hope, and now they can hear it, too.

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