RUSH TWP., Pa. - One local police department is stepping up to ensure the safety of some of those most vulnerable to the coronavirus.

​Kenneth Zipovsky has been the chief of police in Rush Township, Schuylkill County for almost two years. He says the job often presents unique challenges, but nothing like the coronavirus pandemic.

"Anything we can do to help put the entire community at ease during this situation we are more than happy to do it," says Zipovsky.

Chief Zipovsky says his department is stepping up.

"Like simply, maybe have the person call the drugstore if they have a prescription to get picked up and say ok the Rush Township Police are going to come get that for me. Other situations, you might have a person that has a family member that's a distance away. Well we can save that family member that trip," Zipovsky says.

The chief says they will also do it in a safe way.

"We don't want to bring something to the people nor do we want to have the person if they may be infected subject it to the officers and the officers carry it around," he says.

The chief added residents should not be concerned this will get in the way of his department's effort to fight crime.

"Maybe the order on how they patrol might change because of where we're going but that's where footage would still be covered by a police officer on patrol or responding to a call," he explained.

So far, no one has called but Zipovsky says his officers are ready when they do.

"This may not be one size fits all. Like I'm not saying every police department should do this but based on the resources that we have in our community it's a no brainer," says Zipovsky.

If you or someone you know in Rush Township needs help with food or medication delivery or other similar services, you can call the department at 570-668-4242.