Eric German may sell cars but his heart is with Harleys, but "my main emphasis is helping the dogs," the 38-year-old said.

Since 2014 the Northampton County man's Pipes 4 Paws has raised around $50,000 for animal shelters.

Saturday, starting at the Park and Ride off Route 663 near the turnpike, he's organizing a motorcycle ride to help Logan's Heroes Animal Rescue.

"Anytime between 10:30 and 11:15 show up and get in line and take a short ride past Logan's Heroes and people can drop off any donation they want to for the shelter," he said.

The shelter, which cares for and pays vet bills for 30 dogs, recently took in a weeks-old calf, plus another one set to arrive Friday, and saved pig Nemo last year. Nemo was the only hog to survive a massive fire in New Tripoli that killed 4,000. Nemo escaped before the fire. His new home is facing more than $25,000 in vet bills alone, money it would have had if not for the coronavirus.

"How challenging is it to raise money?" I asked Kelly Kalb of the shelter.

"It's been very difficult, we have had several events canceled because of social distancing," she said.

Logan's isn't alone as rescue groups across the region have all been hit hard financially.

German, who was initially inspired by an encounter with an abused dog, is hoping to change that. He says a similar event last year raised $10,000 for a Carbon County shelter.

"You can share all the social media posts you want but unless you do something physically nothing gets done," he said.

It's a ride moving in the right direction.