BETHLEHEM, Pa. - It may be mid April, but Santa is out there and he's hard at work.

Don't tell your kids, but Tom Dubreuil sometimes sits in for Santa Claus, and he's hoping right about now a little Christmas magic will go a long way.

"Given everything that's happening around the world with the coronavirus you know I thought there's so many good boys and girls out there that just need a little happiness," said Dubreuil.

Santa says he got the elves in his technology department to hook him up. And every Wednesday night at 7 p.m., Story time with Santa goes live on the Santa Kringle Facebook page.

As you can imagine, it's a big hit with the kids.

"The nice list is getting bigger as you can see there's my book right there you can see how thick that is right now," said Dubreuil.

Parents say that's because their kids really look forward to chatting with Santa every week, asking him questions like what plane they need to take to visit or where the elves live.

"These weekly chats have really been a bright spot, our kids have lost all sense of their normal schedule," said parent Denille Schuler.

So for now, the new normal includes a little bit of Christmas joy and a little reassurance from old St. Nick.

"I think it's for me and for Mrs Claus and all the elves it's just to let them know that that one everything's gonna be OK," sai Dubreuil.

Dubreuil sits in for Santa on a professional basis, for more information visit the Christmas City Santa website.