BETHLEHEM, Pa. - St. Luke's Health Network is using what it calls the "Bug Zapper" to decontaminate masks.

"This device uses UV light to deactivate and decontaminate the COVID-19 virus from masks themselves," said cardiac anesthesiologist Chris Roscher.

The machine, engineered by Lehigh University students and a biomedical engineer at St. Luke's, earned the name the "bug zapper" not because of its appearance but because of its COVID-19 killing properties.

It can sterilize masks for healthcare workers and their EMS and paramedic partners.

"We recognize the urgency of having the need to have N95 masks be sterilized," said Nelson Tansu with Lehigh University.

It can sterilize 200 masks in just eight minutes, an idea that came on like a light!

"The advantage of UV radiation is that it does have the ability to propagate this electronic wave into a large surface area," Tansu said.

They say they weren't thinking of it at the time, the goal was simply to help as much as possible.

But the bug zapper is on its way to getting a patent, which will take some time, but hopefully not too much.

"It's about getting this device to the hospitals as soon as possible as well as perhaps this will help other hospitals if they need the same type of technology," Tansu said.