BETHLEHEM, Pa. - On a normal Tuesday evening you wouldn't see sitting buses at Trans-Bridge headquarters off Industrial Boulevard, they'd be out on the road.

Last year Trans-Bridge traveled over 4.5 million miles with 1.2 million riders.

However, the company shut down due to the coronavirus. At least one bus is set to roll again, hoping to push legislators into giving the industry a financial lift, as the industry as a whole hasn't seen any stimulus money.

Inside a garage Trans-Bridge employees put the finishing touches on the bus set to roll through DC Wednesday morning for the Motorcoaches Rally for Awareness event.

"This is to call attention to the plight of our industry and ask Congress and the White House to help us get back on our feet," said Trans-Bridge President Tom JeBran.

JeBran says the industry is looking for $15 billion in federal grants, loans and an extension of the Payroll Protection Act. JeBran says most motor coach companies are small and family owned and 90% of its workforce nationwide has been laid off.

Trans-Bridge's fleet of 64 buses has sat idle since March due to fears of the coronavirus.

"Regular route carriers like us need help because of a limited number of passengers that we are able to carry, and extra cleaning and materials will have to put forth," he said.

JeBran says buses are being fitted with new air filters, and high tech cleaning and sanitizing equipment.

However the green light to get rolling again won't come from Governor Wolf but New York City, as commuters make up a large part of their riders.

"Until companies recall employees back to work it doesn't make sense to go back and forth with eight to 10 people," he said.

Earlier this week Pocono-based Martz Bus Company started a limited run into New York.

Trans-Bridge may not be there yet but is ready to roll through the nation's capital.

We did reach out to several Congress members about the potential of that funding coming through, but didn't get a clear answer.

Wednesday's rally will include over 1000 buses coming from 47 states and will drive around the Capitol Building and National Mall.

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