READING, Pa. -- It takes a nice day, an increasing supply of vaccine and thousands of volunteers to keep Covid-19 away. It's happening here in our region more and more.

"We wanted to do it here on our campus to make sure that we were serving anyone of course who would come, but to really serve that marginalized community," said Phillip Davis, a pastor at Greater Shiloh Church in Easton.

It was all in good faith at the Greater Shiloh Church in Easton where a St. Luke's mobile unit set up shop to give shots. It's part of a strategy to serve our more vulnerable populations.

We've heard of larger pharmacies like Rite-Aid and CVS administering doses... but smaller ones are getting into it. Like the Wind Gap Community Pharmacy where a drive-thru site was open to those in phase 1-A.

"Our goal is to get as many vaccines to the community as we possibly can, but we also have to have a large enough footprint to assure that we safely get cars in, get them through the vaccinations, get them to observation and out," said Terry Burger from Lehigh Valley Health Network's Infection Control and Prevention.

Lehigh Valley Health Network, on a roll with mass vaccination clinics, opened its latest at Northampton Community College and follows a similar model to their ones at Dorney and Pocono Raceway. 3,000 people got a dose Saturday.

Mayor Eddie Moran hobbled into a pop-up clinic in downtown Reading on crutches. He says he wouldn't miss it.

"It's important that these kinds of events occur so we can get as many individuals vaccinated as possible," said Moran.

Penn State College of Medicine partnered with the mayor's office and several other organizations to bring a clinic together in a matter of four days. 362 eligible candidates received their first dose of Moderna. All promising measures taken in a community Moran says, desperately needs it.

"If we want to get to some kind of normalcy, which we all have seen the changes that we have gone through not only as a community but as a family, and events as a whole which is something that keeps us going," said Moran.