From the beginning of the pandemic the concern has been about older people and those with underlying conditions because they're the most vulnerable, but now there's evidence that the virus is causing serious complications in another group, men in their 30's and 40's.

A new study just released by the New England Journal of Medicine is highlighting another new twist in the coronavirus saga-the occurrence of strokes in young and middle-aged COVID-19 patients.

Although the number is low, it's enough to have gotten the attention of the medical community, including doctors in the Lehigh Valley.

Dr. Yevgeniy Isayev, the director of the comprehensive stroke center at Lehigh Valley Hospital, says strokes can happen at any age.

All it takes is a blood clot, which is where COVID-19 comes in.

"The idea why young people have strokes is COVID infection increased the instance of clotting in the body," Dr. Isayev said.

It's a phenomenon that he says is common with infections.

While the number of occurrences is low, Dr. Isayev says he expects it's a trend we will see continue, and one that gives more insight into how the virus attacks the whole body.

Doctors say there is a chance that there may be more people out there who have had COVID-19-related strokes that they're just not aware of because they don't show symptoms.

They may have died from a stroke or heart attack and were not aware it was COVID-19 related. Just goes to show how much we still need to learn about the virus.

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