Albright, Alvernia welcome students for 2019-20 school year


Incoming college students will be facing a lot of tough questions this fall semester. The first one? Who's going to cry first?

"I think it was all of us at the same time," said Chloe Fornoff, an incoming Albright College freshman from Delta, Pennsylvania. "My brother. He had to leave earlier. He was the first."

For incoming Albright students and their departing parents, the scene was chaotic Thursday.

"I think it's just a lot of nervousness, trying to get everything set up and figuring out the campus," said Chloe's mom, Deana.

But experienced resident assistants were on hand to help.

"Your family's dropping you off. It's a whole new world for you," said Albright RA Cayla Brewton. "I'm just trying to make you feel at home."

Speaking of questions, the most common one from freshmen when it comes to moving into the dorms?

"How to unlock my door," Brewton said. "I just help people with their combos."

Across town, at Alvernia University, students and parents picked up sweet treats and cold water to cool and calm emotions.

"Fantastic. Everybody's been really great," said Peter Chuff of Scott Township, Pennsylvania, the father of an incoming freshman. "The whole day's been great. Everyone's been really friendly."

For one incoming freshman from West Chester, dorm locks and where to find her first class will be the least of her worries, as she's already overcome plenty of challenges to make it to move-in day.

"She's deaf and she's had two cochlear implants in the last two years and she's here," said Heather Lebano of West Chester.

She already has plans to start a podcast on campus about her first semester experiences.

"I just changed my major the other day to introduce me into podcasting as well, so I'm digital media marketing now," said freshman Sophia Lebano. "It's gonna be a transition, but I'm excited for it."