Berks County Rocks a growing movement that's touching lives


It's like an Easter egg hunt spanning all of Berks County, except the bright objects being found aren't eggs, and it's what's on the outside that matters.

Berks County Rocks is a movement inspired by similar efforts around the country. The idea is simple: paint a rock, leave it almost anywhere in the county, and let someone find it.

Now, Berks County Rocks is a Facebook group nearly 17,000-strong. It was all started last February by Jennifer Schorr.

"I had no idea it was ever going to be as big and welcoming and accepting to so many groups of people as it is today," said Schorr.

What happens when you find one of the rocks? Well, it can be yours forever, but organizers said you could take that rock somewhere else for someone else to find.

"We'll find these, and then we're going to go re-hide them," said Kelly Price, who was with her son, Connor, searching for rocks at the Reading Public Museum.

Take a rock, leave a rock: it sounds like they're just pennies at a convenience store, but look closer and you'll find messages of empowerment, acceptance and positivity.

"I actually went to a recent eye doctor appointment," said Schorr. "One of the people who works there said she had just found a rock outside the hospital when her husband was in there for treatment and it brightened her day. Just hearing things like that is absolutely uplifting and makes it all worthwhile."