READING, Pa. – Election officials said mail-in ballots in Berks County will start going out Oct. 2 and Oct. 5.

Debbie Olivieri, the county's director of elections, said about 66,000 ballots have been requested for this election.

She said it is very important that people place the ballot in the secrecy envelope before putting it into the declaration envelope.

"The ballot must be put into the secrecy envelope," Olivieri said. "The secrecy envelope then gets put into the declaration envelope, and the voter must remember to sign the declaration and fill out the information on the top part of this envelope."

Olivieri said postage will already be on the declaration envelope, so it's ready to be mailed, and voters should mail their ballots back as soon as possible.

She said voters can go to Pennsylvania's voting website to check the status of their ballots.

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