Bieber sets new pickup, drop-off point in New York City


Bieber buses have a new place to pick up and drop off passengers in New York City.

The Kutztown-based bus company announced Friday that, as of Saturday, the new location will be at 383 Madison Avenue, at East 47th Street.

That is the address for the Morgan Chase office building, located several blocks east of the Port Authority bus terminal, where Bieber has been given the boot.

Bieber said its tickets can still be purchased at the Port Authority's Academy and Adirondack windows, but the company is encouraging passengers to buy their tickets online. For a limited time, it will also be accepting cash fares.

Bieber said it will operate its normal schedule, with Manhattan-bound buses picking up passengers in Reading, Kutztown, Wescosville, and Hellertown.

Bethlehem-based Trans-Bridge Lines is taking over Bieber's gate at the Port Authority terminal, with its buses also picking up passengers at park-and-ride locations in Wescosville and Hellertown.

The Port Authority announced last week that Bieber owes it $214,000 for its use of the bus terminal.

Bieber representatives haven't commented on the financial concerns, but said they don't plan on renewing a business relationship with the Port Authority.

They urge passengers to continue to monitor Bieber's website for updates.