Body exhumed in Berks County as part of missing person cases


Officials in Berks County have exhumed an unidentified body as part of two missing persons cases in two separate states.

Officials on Monday exhumed the body at Potter's Field. The John Doe was found in a cave near the Blue Mountain ridge in Berks County in 1977. Authorities said no foul play was suspected in that case.

Now, the body has been exhumed in connection with two missing persons cases in Florida and Illinois.

Police say there was a hit on two possible matching dental records of missing men in the two states.

The teeth match-they were close, similar to both but it wasn't conclusive. There's only one way to conclusively ID him and that's to dig the body up," said Berks County Coroner Dennis Hess.

The bones will be sent to a university for DNA testing. Results could come back in as little as three weeks.