READING, Pa. |  The Reading Public Museum welcomes everyone to Brick City.

"Brick City is a collection of creations using LEGO bricks by artist Warren Elsmore," said artist John Graydon Smith.

Like many, the UK-based artist told 69 News he first fell in love with LEGOs when he was little.

He's parlayed his passion for the plastic bricks by creating works making up a traveling art exhibit, using nearly 200,000 LEGOs.

"These were packed up over in Europe and then loaded onto a ocean shipping container," said Smith.

These LEGO pieces made their journey across the pond post haste because of a ship that, some may remember, got stuck.

"They've been with us for a month now because of the Suez Canal backup that happened," noted Smith. "They had to get them out of Europe early to make sure they were here on time."

Now stateside, much of the artwork is LEGO mirrors of America's most iconic cities and buildings, from Washington, to Vegas, to The Big Apple.

And downstairs in the museum is some more familiar sights from Berks County LEGO artist Kelly Hoffman.

"Obviously the Pagoda is pretty recognizable anyway but the scene in the shops in West Reading, the Colonial Theatre, you look at it, you know instantly, she's that good," said Smith.

Kids can even get in on the action and make their own LEGO creation, making for a summer family activity you can really build on.

"You're just blown away, you're thinking, 'Oh my God.'" Smith added.

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