Caught on camera: Masked thief swipes pair of parrots


Sigfredo Pena, owner of Pena Auto Service at North Third and Walnut streets in Reading, said he feels empty after his two parrots, Charlie and Louis, were stolen right from their cages in the shop's lobby early Monday.

"I had Charlie for more than eight years. I got Louis for the last four years," said Pena. "When I seen the cage empty, 'oh no.'"

Surveillance video from around 1:45 that morning shows a car crashing into the shop's garage door to pry it open. The thief then doesn't appear on surveillance for almost half an hour. Just before 2:15, the thief slips through the hole in the garage door and moves in to steal the feathered treasure. The first bird, Charlie, was calm, but Louis put up a fight.

"Charlie was more friendly," said Pena. "Louis, we've never taken out."

Louis did his best to get away, but it wasn't meant to be. Pena made the discovery later that morning.

"I was crying. I felt down," said Pena. "I'd like to see the birds back in the cage and play with them more."

He said the parrots would say 'hello' to customers, who enjoyed seeing them.

"Especially when the customers come, see something new, see the bird talking, they taking video, they-- that's part of the garage," said Pena.

Anyone with information is asked to contact police. Tips can also be submitted to Crime Alert Berks County via anonymous text to 847411, starting the message with alertberks, or by phone to 877-373-9913.