BERN TWP., Pa. – U.S. Customs and Border Protection has released a video it said shows a British family unlawfully crossing the border from Canada into the United States.

The family was being held in federal custody in Berks County, but has now been deported back to the U.K.

The video shows David and Eileen Connors and their family driving on a road in British Columbia, Canada, on the evening of October 2.

The couple said they crossed onto a dirt road to avoid hitting an animal. That road took them into the U.S., near Lynden, Washington. The family said it mistakenly crossed the border.

Border patrol officials apprehended the Connors a few minutes later. Officials eventually sent the couple, their kids, and their extended family to the Berks Family Residential Center in Bern Township.

Family members spoke of deplorable conditions while staying there, but ICE officials said those claims are "unequivocally false."

U.S. officials also asserted that the family crossed the border on purpose. They said two of the family members had previously been denied entry to the U.S.

The family's attorneys have lodged a formal complaint over the family's treatment with the U.S. Department of Homeland Security's inspector general and civil rights office.