Amity declares disaster emergency after last week's floods


Friday's flooding damaged several businesses in Berks County. Some business owners said it was the third time they've seen severe flooding in the past year.

Cleanup crews were busy draining and cleaning the former About All Floors store in the 500 block of West Benjamin Franklin Highway, also known as Route 422, in Amity Township.

"I saw water coming down from R&R Games next door [and] quickly came down here," said owner Tom Heffner.

Floodwater filled the building. Heffner said some commercial employees still work there.

"Tough. We worked last night until almost midnight, tearing floors out of the show room," he said.

The water also crashed over the median on a stretch of Route 422, shutting down the westbound lanes for hours.

Heffner said this marks the third time in the past year that the area has had major flooding. The last time was in November. That flooding forced the store to close for several months.

Just three weeks ago, About All Floors opened a new showroom down the road, on Maplewood Drive. That move should help with cleanup this time around.

"I think this will be quicker, because we are no longer in this store as far as a showroom standpoint," Heffner said.

While Heffner still has several weeks of repairs ahead, he said he's thankful it happened when it did and that his new store is still intact.