Couple, 4 kids hurt when RV goes down embankment in Bethel


David Lapp was counting his blessings as he looked at the wreckage of his brother's RV.

"Absolutely a miracle," said Lapp. "It's definitely not what I had planned for the day, but we're getting through it."

His brother, sister-in-law and four of their children are lucky to be alive after their RV went 100 feet into the woods after driving down a steep part of Route 645 in Bethel Township late Sunday night.

"I headed for Hershey Medical Center before midnight," Lapp said. "I got there before the helicopter came."

Fire officials said Lapp's brother, Steve Lapp, was driving the RV when the brakes went out. David Lapp said his brother was in and out of consciousness during the rescue efforts.

Everyone is expected to make a full recovery. Lapp said the family, which lives in Lancaster County, was on the way home from doing ministry work.

"They were actually on their way home from Ohio," Lapp said. "They were Bible readings at a church."

The scars of the crash remain at the end of the fast hill.

"It's just a steep grade, and there's no stop sign," said a neighbor who lives near the intersection of Camp Swatara and Pine Grove roads.

Neighbors said a tractor-trailer had a similar crash a few weeks ago; the guardrail, still shiny, like new from being repaired from that crash.

On the other side of that guardrail, family friends of the Lapps have volunteered to return to the scene to retrieve any valuables.

"We're just looking to see what we can find," said Abner Smoker. "We found a pair of car keys, Swiss army knife and a few things like that."

Those friends said a higher power was in play.

"It's a miracle they came out alive," said Smoker.