Rezoning of more than 200 acres discussed at Cumru meeting


The Cumru Township commissioners named a new vice president at their meeting on Tuesday. The position was vacated July 13, when the former vice president, Edward L. Gottschall, died.

William B. Miller was elected vice president of the board. Michael Thompson was selected by the commissioners to fill Gottschall's seat on the board.

Other business Police Chief Madison Winchester reported that there were 24 thefts in July from unlocked automobiles. Madison noted that nearby areas in Kenhorst, Shillington and Reading also experienced an uptick in thefts from vehicles.

Winchester asked all residents to be sure to lock their vehicles and to contact the police if someone attempts to break in, even if nothing is stolen.

Winchester also reported that, at a resident's request, police monitored drivers in the 200 block of Montrose Boulevard. He said more than 70% of drivers complied with the speed limit and stop sign. He said nearly all of the rest drove at less than 10 miles per hour above the limit.

In addition, Winchester received approval from the board to increase the amount allocated to purchase and outfit a new Ford Explorer for the department by $5,000, to $43,000.

The commissioners approved the expenditure of $17,500 to Manns Woodward Studios to give the commissioners a professional opinion of the condition of Fire Station 2.

The commissioners also scheduled a special meeting with Manns Woodward on Thursday, September 5 at 7 p.m. to receive an update on the status of the new fire station to be built across the road from the township building.

The commissioners approved the first payment for 2019 street improvements to Construction Masters in the amount of $440,540.13. Also, the commissioners approved a change order for a reduction of $164,947.80 to the street improvements program.

Public Works Director Robert McNichols reported that $16,204 was received from the recent auction of old equipment.

The commissioners also authorized McNichols to begin the process of hiring a fifth person for the sewer staff. The position will be included in the 2020 budget. In addition, McNichols was granted an emergency declaration to make temporary repairs in the 800 block of Church Road due to mudslides caused by the extremely steep slope.

In other actions, the commissioners reaffirmed final approval of the East Point Lot 8 subdivision plan located on the north side of Route 724/Philadelphia Avenue, between Ridgeway Road and East Pointe Drive.