OLEY TWP., Pa. — It was a posted sign that spurred an unplanned visit.

"On Facebook, I just saw it earlier today, and I'm like, 'We have to go,' so here we are," said Barb Day of Mertztown.

"Here" is the Oley Turnpike Dairy, which has been serving as a summer standby for decades and now, final trips are being planned out.

"Probably twice more, because there's not that much time left," said Day.

Oley Turnpike Dairy

"I would always come here as a kid and go to the petting zoo and get ice cream after," said Jenifer Keller of Exeter Township.

Now, come news of retirement and the realization new memories won't be made.

"It's sad that I can't take my future kids," Keller said. "It's a great local ice cream shop and a diner."

In between the petting zoo, the ice cream, and the gorgeous views are nostalgia and a place many don't want to see close.

"I was kind of sad, because I like coming up here, and it's pretty fun," said Isaih from Philadelphia.

As customers take in the diner, ice cream, and animals for one of the last times, they're also remembering their first time.

"I would say probably around seven," Keller said. "Definitely bummed out they are closing, because it's great for kids and families, and they have a lot of support and great business."

Oley Turnpike Dairy

A posted sign thanking patrons says Aug. 21 is the official last day and that suitable homes will be found for the all the animals. It also reminds customers to turn in their milk bottles.

Fans of the place want to send a message, too.

"Don't close it," said Isaih.

"We are sorry to see you go," Day said. "We will miss you."

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Oley Turnpike Dairy

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