EXETER TWP., Pa. - Tragedies like the most recent school shooting at Saugus High School in Santa Clarita, California, on Thursday can happen anywhere at any time.

"What started [it] was the travesties were happening in other churches, other denominations," said Dennis Little, who has mourned tragedy after tragedy over the last few decades.

Often, the senseless deaths occur as the result of active shooter situations happening in schools and churches.

"It makes you feel very, very uncomfortable because you're very vulnerable," said Little, a member of the Reformation Evangelical Lutheran Church in Reiffton.

Little talked with his pastor about holding a safe-church seminar. After getting the green light, he reached out to Exeter Township police for help.

"No place is immune," said Exeter Sgt. David Behm. "Every place needs to take steps to prepare and harden themselves against potential threats of violence."

Behm said the church did the right thing by taking a proactive approach. He said 14 area churches and more than 50 people attended the seminar, and he expects to hold another in the future.

"I think it's indicative of just how seriously people are taking the potential threat and, unfortunately, just how pervasive that threat is throughout the country," Behm said.

Little said the information from police prompted churches to tighten up their security measures and practices. In today's world, he feels that's necessary.

"You want to make the people welcome but, yet you don't know," he said.