It's not something you want to come home to: A delivery of heating oil is stinking up the place.

And that's because you never ordered the oil in the first place.

It happened to a family in Berks County.

Two months ago, Laura Caciolo returned to her home in Barto, opened her door and was smacked in the face with the smell of heating oil. 

"I ran down to my basement and found out there was oil coming out of my tank, the top of my tank, all over the floor," she said.

She called her husband and ran to her next door neighbor to explain that they too might smell oil.

The Caciolos never ordered oil from C.R. Dampman Fuels.

69 News reached out to the company Thursday.

Laura had contacted us because she was having trouble getting the oil company's insurance to pay for all the cleanup. They still smell oil fumes nearly two months after the spill.

We never heard back from the owner, but Caciolo's attorney called us after we interviewed Laura, letting us know the insurance has now agreed to cover all the work.

Instances like this happen more often than you may think. Google "Oil Wrong House." News articles about similar instances immediately pop up.

It's not clear how long the remediation will take.

But the Caciolos are eager to get home.

"My family is living right now with my husbands parents," Caciolo said.