READING, Pa. — It's a short film not made just to entertain, but to inform.

"I'm realizing that a lot of folks who are caregivers either don't get the support they really deserve or acknowledgement, because people don't really understand what it is," filmmaker Santo Marabella said.

Marabella said he felt compelled to tell this story after taking care of his late parents.

"One out of every five Americans is a caregiver, a family caregiver, which is a non-paid caregiver," said Marabella.

Marabella also said nearly 70% are women, and he hopes the film will garner more support for caregivers, overall.

"For me, creating film stories, whether it's theater or film, social issues, awareness and what we can do about them is really important," Marabella said.

The film, which screened at GoggleWorks over the weekend, looks to be a conversation starter for people, especially employers and family members who may already have a loved one filling this important role.

"This is different," Marabella said. "I didn't really understand all the things caregivers go through, good and bad."

What's next for the new short film? Marabella said he is shopping it around and is considering pairing it with a book he also wrote on the topic. He may also consider expanding it to a full-length feature.

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