READING, Pa. – Berks County-based LEGO artist Kelly Hoffman continues to build up intricate LEGO models, recently moving into a space at the GoggleWorks in Reading's Entertainment Square. She's also breaking down her own personal walls in an effort to teach kids.

"So it's really fun to kind of be in the space. Even just today, I had a girl walk by and yell, 'That's really cool,'" Hoffman said. "Interesting, I'm not an extrovert, so it's a little hard for me to get out there to do stuff with the kids. I think I did OK."

Hoffman's latest project is a collaborative effort with students at Reading's Northwest Middle School. They're building a LEGO model of the school itself.

"It's been good," eighth-grader Twyla Ewen said. "She's helped us a lot. She explains things thoroughly. She helps us with online things, like the online LEGO program."

Hoffman said LEGOs can be used to teach STEM-related fields.

"LEGO has been an educational toy/tool since it's inception," Hoffman said. "You can learn math doing it, you can learn engineering, architecture."

Now, in a new creative space, she's looking forward to doing more outreach.

"I'm also doing different LEGO projects with other kid groups," Hoffman said, "so it's good for me to stretch my boundaries so that I can help the community."

As for Hoffman's student helper, she's looking forward to the LEGO version of her school being on display some time in December.

"I'm gonna feel like, very appreciated, and I'm gonna be very happy because that was a good thing to work on this year," Ewen said.