USGS: Part of Berks rattled by 2.2 magnitude earthquake


WYOMISSING HILLS, Pa. - If you felt shaking in part of Berks County late Sunday night, you weren't alone.

A small earthquake, measuring 1.3 on the Richter scale, rattled Wyomissing Hills at 10:51 p.m., according to the U.S. Geological Survey.

A community intensity map shows the shaking felt was "light" but there was no damage, according to more than 60 online responses.

"The whole house shook, just felt like something under the house was shifting," said Robert Ely, who has lived in Wyomissing Hills for 22 years.

But shaking houses are starting to become the norm for many in the area. Ely remembers feeling multiple earthquakes just within the last few months.

"it almost felt like a boom and then you could feel something drop," Ely said.

Joan Bollinger has lived in the neighborhood even longer, since 1957. She slept through this one, but recalls numerous other earthquakes that left her feeling uneasy.

"We really felt it, everybody was slow motion, and when it started shaking everybody stopped," she said.

Officials with Millersville University say the Lancaster Seismic Zone is one of the most active zones in the eastern U.S., and the most likely place in Pennsylvania to experience earthquakes. Neighbors say the community was built over limestone, that they have been told shifts easily after a significant amount of rain.

Neighbors say the recent rumblings have left them them with more questions than answers.

"Beginning to wonder cause they're happening a lot," Ely said.

Neighbors say they have not had any damage after the small quake on Sunday.