Members of 69 News team race for charity at Maple Grove


It's a sport you have to see to fully understand.

"If you haven't come, you won't know," said Jack Bilboe of Telford. "TV doesn't do it justice. You gotta see it live."

National TV will attempt to do justice to a sport at Maple Grove Raceway in Brecknock Township that goes beyond the quarter-mile of blacktop.

"Just a brotherhood of speed. Top fuel, funny cars, especially," Bilboe said. "Watching them turn the cars around in the pits. It's amazing how fast they can bring them back after they run them."

It's not just a show of speed, but a salvo on the senses.

"My favorite thing was when they actually started to run down the track and you can feel that feeling and smell all the nitro," Jennie McGraw of Maryland.

Mixed in among the fan experience and regular race day competition, there's also racing for a good cause.

"Nothing like I've ever experienced before in my life," said Douglassville-based singer/songwriter Stephanie Grace. "I've never driven that fast before."

Grace got behind the wheel of some sharp-looking Dodge Chargers, joining 69 News sports anchor Sam Marcinek and forecaster Kathy Craine to support a myriad of important causes, including Leo's Helping Paws of Lancaster.

"Basically, they help the financial end for all other animal rescue leagues," Grace explained.

What has Grace's experience been like behind the wheel in support of charity?

"We don't get to do something like this every day, and it's a thrill," Grace said. "It's an honor, but then we are doing it for charity on top of it. It doesn't get any better than that."

The NHRA Nationals continue with the pros taking the track this weekend.