Scrapple has rich history in Pennsylvania Dutch Country


For some, it's hard to find food items outside of the region.

"There was a radio station in Philly that had gotten a new DJ from Chicago who was enamored with scrapple, 'cuz I guess they don't have it in Chicago," said Mitch Wolfe, a Robesonia-based songwriter who penned the tune "Scrapple Love."

For others, it's a cultural staple in kitchens that reminds them of family.

"Back when I was really little, my dad would take us to the farmers market and pick up the scrapple," Wolfe said.

But for one songwriter and filmmaker, it serves as a sizzling source of inspiration.

"It's something that appealed to me because it's so fringe," said Maryland-based filmmaker Kurt Kolaja.

"You either like it, you love it, but you know about it," he said.

Scrapple, traditionally made of pork, cornmeal, flour and spices and served in slab form at breakfast, is the subject of a new documentary.

The Bridge Inn in Oley Township is the backdrop for a music video for a song called "Scrapple Love," a previously written ode to the unique meat product that will be included in the upcoming documentary, "One Scrapple Nation."

Kolaja said the song will serve as just one of a number of storytelling centerpieces that shows the food's impact on area culture.

"I thought that there would be a lot of laughs to it, but I also found out that there's a deeper side to it," said Kolaja.

Hungry yet? The song is available now, and the documentary is expected to be released sometime next year.

"It's a delicacy that you have to try to appreciate, ya know?," Wolfe said. "It's one-of-a-kind."

You can hear "Scrapple Love" on YouTube.