NYPD: Search of Berks landfill related to possible homicide


Dozens of New York Police Department investigators converged on a landfill in Berks County on Monday as part of their investigation of a possible homicide, according to an NYPD spokesman.

The units on scene at the Conestoga Landfill in New Morgan included search dogs, crime scene detectives, and excavation equipment.

The spokesman told 69 News that the investigation centers around last month's disappearance of Michael Stewart of Staten Island.

Those in the Morgantown area reacted to one of the most recognizable police forces in the world being in their backyard.

"That's pretty scary," said Mark Watkins of Chester County. "That's daunting actually. I guess for the neighbors around here, I would be terrified."

Caernarvon Township police said there's no need to worry.

The general manager of the Conestoga Landfill, the Berks County district attorney and the Pennsylvania State Police all said they're aware of the NYPD's presence.

One woman who lives a mile from the landfill was not bothered by the NYPD's presence.

"We have a very small police department here, and if the New York Police Department feels like there's someone or something in our landfill that has something to do with them, I don't have a problem with them coming down to investigate," said Marcia Thompson of Morgantown.

An NYPD representative on the scene Monday said the investigators were stopping their work at the landfill due to weather concerns and could possibly return later this week.