One Tank Trip: Perry Indoor Golf and More


The 50-degree rule. Some golfers play by it.

Fifty degrees Fahrenheit or lower and there's no teeing it up.

Living in Pennsylvania, it's a bit limiting with rainy, snowy and windy days all out. That's a lot of days and months a year, but what if every day was 70 degrees?

"Actually it's a little, probably 60-degree rule but yes, you come in here, it's beautiful every day," said Owner Jefferey Sholl.

Perry Indoor Golf and More is in Perry Township, just off Route 61. The "more" part isn't quite ready yet, but the golf is.

The name comes from a place long gone but not forgotten.

"From Perry Golf Course, right out back. They totally destroyed it and put up a bunch of warehouses," said Sholl.

You can play golf here again as long as you don't mind playing indoors. Virtual golf from driver, to wedge, to putter. There are three golf simulator bays with your choice of 20 courses that take you around the world.

Want to play pebble beach? Getting out to California might not be in the budget, but virtual Pebble Beach is just around $25 an hour.

You can take your golf game overseas with stops in Scotland. Carnoustie is on the list.

For the courses closer to home, you get to know the lay of the land.

"If you're going to go up and play Penn State Blue, it's the exact layout as Penn State Blue," said Sholl.

The program is created by Foresight Sports. A launch monitor analyzes your swing, giving you back and side spin data on your ball.

With a laptop and a mouse, you can skip a hole if you want or play through. When you get on the green, hit the grid. It shows you the undulation, if it breaks left or right, goes up or down.

You can add in weather conditions on the course.

A hole in one here gets you a free round of golf.

"Sometimes it's a stress reliever and sometimes it's stressful," said Sholl.

Just depends on how you're playing. Either way, it's all for the love of the game.