WEST READING, Pa. - There are new concerns about parking in West Reading, as the borough enters its second month of select paid parking. Some said the added parking is causing more problems than it's solving.

"We have a problem, a major problem with paid parking," said property owner Thomas Ploshay.

It's been a little more than a month since the borough added paid parking spots in a lot on Penn Avenue. Overall, borough officials said they've seen some success, but they admitted they have a few kinks to work out.

"When you implement any new program or policy, there's always going to be hiccups," said borough Manager Nicholas Imbesi.

Meantime, many residents said it's made parking worse, with drivers parking off the main street and on the residential streets to avoid paying the $1-per-hour parking fee.

"In Philadelphia, where I used to live, we had permit parking for just the residents, and it worked out really well," said Ploshay.

In addition to working out the kinks on Penn Avenue, borough officials said they are looking at the budget to find a way to fund a borough-wide parking study.

"We now want to get a parking study in place for the residential aspects of the borough, and we are in the budget process, so we are out getting quotes right now," Imbesi said.

Residential permit-parking would be one of the options considered in the study, along with some shared parking options.

"These are all suggestions and ideas that we can come up with," said Imbesi.

Ploshay said if things went his way, he has an idea.

"They could put a double-decker, triple-decker parking space," he said.

Borough leaders said it could take a year to factor a parking study into the budget.