HARRISBURG, Pa. — PennDOT's proposal to toll nine bridges across Pennsylvania is being met with stiff opposition.

"There is a better way, and there must be a better way," said Republican state Sen. Wayne Langholc Jr.

The I-78 Lenhartsville bridge in Greenwich Township is among those nine bridges.

A key focus of the legislation, Senate Bill 328, which passed in the Senate in April, is to provide an alternative to the tolling proposal by authorizing PennDOT to bond under a federal financing program called grant anticipation revenue vehicle, or GARVEE. The Republican-majority transportation committee said the answer to fixing roads and bridges can't always be raising taxes.

"I would call on my colleagues in the House of Representatives to take up Senate Bill 382 to terminate PennDOT's P3 bridge tolling initiative to enhance transparency, public input and a stronger check on PennDOT's power," said Langerholc.

The Greenwich Township project, still in its design phase, aims to widen the bridge to accommodate additional auxiliary lanes and full inside and outside shoulders in both directions, helping improve safety at the Lenhartsville exit.

According to PennDOT, 30% of the traffic that travels across this bridge every day is made up of trucks, which is exactly the group that the transportation committee majority said will be most affected if tolling goes into effect.

69 News reached out to two local Democratic senators' offices for comment but did not immediately hear back.

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