10-18-19 Fabio Valdez-Ramos and Kevin Walton.jpg

Fabio Valdez-Ramos, left, and Kevin Walton

READING, Pa. - Two Berks County men are behind bars, accused of accepting methamphetamine through the mail.

The arrests Thursday of Fabio Valdez-Ramos and Kevin Walton followed the discovery by Pennsylvania State Police of a suspicious parcel at an undisclosed shipping facility in Berks County.

The 17-pound box was sent from California and addressed to a home in the 500 block of Birch Street in Reading, according to police, who obtained a warrant to open the package after a drug-detecting K9 indicated that it contained a controlled substance.

Inside the box, police said they found a digital safe box that contained a vacuum-sealed bag of methamphetamine, weighing nearly a pound.

Police then resealed the package, and an undercover trooper delivered it to the home on Birch Street, where it was accepted by Walton, according to court documents. A few minutes later, police said they observed Ramos pull up in a minivan, take the package from Walton, and drive off. Troopers followed and stopped his vehicle at North 12th and Green streets.

Valdez-Ramos told police that he believed the box contained three pounds of marijuana, which he ordered from a friend in Mexico, according to the court paperwork. He said he pays $1,500 per pound for marijuana via wire transfer and resells it for $2,300 per pound.

Both men also told police that Valdez-Ramos pays Walton $150 each time he receives parcels for him, which he has done multiple times in the past, according to the documents.

The suspects were charged with various drug offenses, including manufacture, delivery, or possession with intent to manufacture or deliver and committed to the Berks County Jail. Bail for Valdez-Ramos was set at $100,000; Walton's bail was set at $10,000.