READING, Pa. - A taxi driver is speaking out after two teenagers were accused of robbing him at gunpoint. The holdup happened around 1 a.m. Thursday in northeast Reading, and police are crediting dashboard camera images with helping them make quick arrests.

The owners of La Mexicana Taxi Service said they've had problems like this in the past, so their drivers are being required to add the cameras. That requirement paid off.

"One of them took me by the back from a chair and held me against the chair and the other pulled out the gun and put it right here," Cristian Barrera said through translation.

Police said two teenagers are in custody.

"With this case and having that dash cam video in the car, the dash cam video was excellent," said Reading police Capt. Paul Reilly.

Barrera just installed his camera a couple months ago. Reading police posted photos of the holdup on Facebook, and in return, multiple tips came in and ultimately helped police track down the two teenagers they believe are responsible.

"There really shouldn't be much of a reason for juveniles, teenagers, to be out at 1:30 in the morning," Reilly said. "There's probably more proactive stuff they can do than be out on the street."

The driver wasn't hurt during the holdup, but he said he won't pick up people at night, and he hopes the city can do more.

"We should create a plan so all the drivers have all the security measures, cameras, GPS and things like that," Barrera said through translation.

The company said nearly 90% of the taxis have the cameras, and that will be up to 100% soon.