Record number of Pennsylvania women elected to serve in U.S. House


A record number of women are heading to Washington after the midterms. Voters in Pennsylvania picked four women to represent them in Congress. The group is being called the "Fab Four."

Before Tuesday night, only seven woman have represented Pennsylvania in the House. Tuesday night's election results brings that number to 11. Winning candidates said the result gives women a seat at the table.

Men have historically represented Pennsylvania in the House of Representatives, but after the midterm elections, four of the 18 male dominated seats will go to women.

"And that's pretty remarkable and it definitely shouldn't be something that we have to celebrate in 2018," said 6th district congressional seat winner Chrissy Houlahan.

69 News spoke to Houlahan moments after results came in Tuesday declaring her the winner of Pennsylvania's sixth district.

She is one of the winning women to represent Berks County. The other is Madeleine Dean, who won in the fourth district. Susan Wild won in the seventh and Mary Gay Scanlon won in the fifth.

"This is a very significant change and it's going to spread across the commonwealth," said Political Analyst Tim Blessing.

Historically since the 1940s, only seven woman have served in the house. Blessing says the victories seen in Pennsylvania don't come as a shock.

"You have the combo of strong personalities. You have Trump's rather unusual personality and issues women care about," he said.

The four women who won happen to be Democrats but Blessing said he believes these victories will spur women on both sides of the aisle to seek office.

"We should have equal representation at the table that ought to be what it looks like," said Houlahan.

Allyson Schwartz most recently served in Congress, but left office in 2014 to run for governor.