READING, Pa. - What keeps you coming back? For one volunteer, he uses a bus to bring back people for another year.

"It's just a nice thing to do for everybody," said Robin Krick, a volunteer bus driver.

For another, it's serving up free, hot meals to catch a glimpse of something she doesn't see much of these days.

"It's like, genuine," said Xiomara Rivera with the Queen City Family Restaurant on Lancaster Avenue in Reading. "A lot of things are not so genuine anymore."

Yet another came with his family for the first time, because he's been "there" before.

"We're back on our feet now, but there are so many people who aren't," said Antonio Gomes of Reading. "If you could give back just a little, it's amazing."

But overall, everyone was glad to be gathered at the Queen City Family Restaurant for the 11th annual People First community event.

Volunteers are serving more than 1,000 hot meals and giving away things to help people stay warm this winter.

Everyone there had a story that's important, even if you've heard it before.

"The only story I ever get is from the same person every year," said Krick. "They met in high school and they're still together."

One man said it's not just a meal but a reminder that homelessness and hard times can hit anyone.

"You never see it coming," said Gomes. "You never see, like homelessness is something people think happens to other people but it happens to anybody."