UPPER BERN TWP., Pa. - All aboard the giving train! When you visit Roadside America and bring a donation for Toys for Tots, you get in free.

"Everybody who brings a toy gets a free admission it doesn't matter how old you are or what age group you're in," said Village Supervisor Jon Jordan.

The attraction opened at 10:00 a.m. with a great turnout by the afternoon.

"We're not quite done yet but so far we filled I think about maybe three 3 1/2 full-size toys for tots boxes," said Jordan.

Last year, Roadside America's Jon Jordan says a donation box was set up, but it didn't do so well. The promotion this year was another employee's idea.

"This weekend being after Thanksgiving, people already out shopping for Black Friday and Cyber Monday, all that kind of stuff, so we figured what better time to have a toy drive," said Jordan.

With free admission comes a challenge. Keep your eye out for the more than 250 turkeys running amok through the small town.

"Turkeys are protesting, "Eat more bacon" and driving cars and all kinds of stuff like that so this is the last weekend to catch that," said Jordan.

It's not about bringing in some extra cash this weekend. It's about family.

"It's a great cause and it was a great reason to come here today," said Lisa Mousseau of Jim Thorpe.

Mousseau says her parents first brought her here 50 years ago. She says the magic of the attraction doesn't fade with time.

"It's always been a really sweet memory for me so now I wanted to bring my grandchildren," said Mousseau.

The Toys for Tots promotion runs through Monday, December 2.