Spring supervisors ponder problematic pipe in township


A Spring Township resident restated her concerns over a pipe installed near her property.

"The pipe does not work," Georgette Veeder said during Monday night's supervisors meeting. "It is a public safety hazard to pedestrians, to traffic and to the environment."

She had previously voiced concerns about the pipe in August. She passed out images of the problematic pipe to each supervisor.

"That's the pipe," she said. "You can suck in a child passing by. You cannot see the road when it rains."

Veeder said she was promised that the township would get back to her, and it has failed to do so.

"I'm gonna be honest with you," said Supervisor James Oswald said, "I really do not believe this is as critical as you say it is. You're making a mountain out of a molehill."

"It's too small," Veeder replied about the pipe. "It's not working."

"You know what?" Oswald said. "Our engineers would say it works. I don't want to become adversarial with you."

"OK. I consider that a safety hazard," she said. "Someday, if some child gets pulled into a whirlpool, I just want for the record that I told you that it was a hazard."

"It's coming from private property across the street," said township Manager Jay Vaughan. "[Rain has flowed] through that location for many, many years. It's very shallow cover on the pipes, so I can't get much bigger pipes."

Ultimately, the board promised to give her a phone call in the near future.