SHILLINGTON, Pa. – A commission appointed by Pennsylvania lawmakers has released its findings on school start times. It said middle and high school students would likely do better if the school day started later.

"I pretty much get yelled at three times to get up in the morning," said student Evan Connor.

Some medical professionals said lack of sleep for teenagers is a public health crisis of epic proportions.

"Some nights, I'll fall asleep at 10," said student Cohen Glassmire said. "Some nights, I might fall asleep at 1 [a.m.]."

Most middle schools and high schools in Berks County start before 8 a.m. The study suggests schools move to a start time of 8:30 or later, and no early practices or rehearsals.

Parent Melissa Bond said she's for change.

"Even if they go to bed early, sometimes it's hard, but they've been doing pretty well this year," Bond said.

The study said getting started too early has negative impacts on students' physical and mental health as well as school performance.

Brian Glassmire said it takes a few tries to get his son up in the morning, but said he doesn't think school needs to start later.

"Pretty much go to sleep early," he said. "We always thought that when we were younger, if you're tired, you went to bed earlier, but we had bed times back then."

He said he recently noticed his son not sleeping through the night, so he implemented a "no electronics" rule at 8 p.m. His son however is all for a later start.

"I wake up around 6:15, probably, and I'm out the door at 6:50," he said.

Cohen said he'll soon be swamped with school and after-school sports, and that's when things will get really hard.

Some concerns include the impact something like this could have on teachers or transportation. So far, there's no word of any local schools making changes based on this study.