WEST READING, Pa. - World-renowned ice sculptor Danny Kissel is back in West Reading and he's using his icy-senses while crafting a Spider-Man ice sculpture.

"This weather's perfect for ice carving," said Kissel.

The Borough's Ice 'N Spice Festival is back for its 5th year on Penn Avenue. Lining the Avenue will be a record 36 ice sculptures, many of them carved by Kissel.

"We have a total of 15,600 pounds of ice," said Mark Woodward, one of the festival's organizers

The icy event accentuates the many businesses and restaurants in the Borough, some of which will be offering discounts and other specials.

"We'll just hope the weather's good over the next 24 hours and I think we'll have a decent number of people come out," said Woodward.

"I expect the turnout to be huge," said Tina Shenk, another organizer for the festival.

With some incoming winter weather, organizers aren't afraid it'll freeze up attendance.

"It adds to the aura," said Shenk. "Too cold, but absolutely a little bit of snow makes you feel, yeah, I think it'll be good."

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