Sheetz tops all other convenience stores in Pa. poll


In a world as polarized as ours, two cornerstones of convenience store satisfaction separate us like nothing else.

"Personally, I like Wawa," said Anthony Sutcliff, Team Wawa.

"I like Sheetz a lot better," said Team Sheetz member Logan Brigle.

For some, it's truly a question of convenience.

"Sheetz, because it's closer to where I live," Ann Lykens, a Sheetz fan.

For others, it's the food.

"The breaded chicken sandwich, and my kids like the mac and cheese," said Frankie Nielson, a staunch Wawa fan.

And don't forget about the fuel.

"Well, my husband loves the food here at Sheetz, and I love how fast the gas pumps are," said Sheetz fan Laura Yazemboski.

A filmmaker in western Pennsylvania is working on a documentary called Sheetz vs. Wawa to break this debate to its core. It will examine the rivalry between fans of Altoona-based Sheetz and Delaware County-based Wawa.

One thing is for sure, the question divides friends and families alike.

"It's definitely a debate," said Fred Shirley, a fan of both stores. "Don't hate me, cousin."

"It's usually that some people are one or the other, a personality for Sheetz or a personality for Wawa, and I'm a Wawa girl," said Jamie Smith.

As with all controversial topics, it's human nature to seek common ground.

"I visit both on a regular basis. I'm a truck driver," said Ryan Metsger. "I get to see both sides of both stores."

Berks County has proven itself a worthy battleground. Berks currently has eight Wawas and eight Sheetz, with more in the works, including a Sheetz on Lancaster Pike in Cumru Township and a Wawa on Lancaster Avenue in Reading.

Additionally, there is a Sheetz planned for the former Bowl-o-Rama location in Exeter Township and also a Wawa planned for the VF Outlet area.

Meanwhile, like a 24-hour made-to-order store, the debate shows no signs of closing.

According to the documentary film's website, the film is due out sometime next year.

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