Scientists are beginning a new study to tell if the blood plasma of COVID-19 survivors might help prevent infection in the first place. Doctors already are using survivor plasma as a treatment for many hospitalized patients, even as research still is underway to tell if it really works. The plasma harbors virus-fighting antibodies. Researchers at Johns Hopkins University are testing if giving that immune system boost to people newly exposed but not yet sick — like health workers or nursing home residents — could help stave off illness.

Every year the English look forward to the Queen's special Christmas greeting. Now, it's part of an exhibit based on the hit Netflix series "The Crown".

Sometimes things are exactly as they seem: Easy, beautiful, delightful, like when you're driving along and something catches your eye. This time, it's a pyramid in a pond. We wondered what it was for, but it's for nothing really. It's just fo…

Shortly after Joe Biden boarded a recent flight from Washington to New York, a string of passengers began stopping at his seat in coach to deliver some version of the same message: Run, Joe, run.